Vocation ABC’s (Recording)

Vocation ABC’s (Recording)

Judith guides you through her simple method for assessing vocation, refined from decades of work in this field, drawing on her own findings and combined with the method of Charles E. Lutz.

Judith Hill
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Judith Hill

What You’ll Learn

Vocational Astrology is the study of the outward applications of natal patterns. Why cringe when confronted with questions like:

  • “What is my daughter good at?”
  • “Which of my two new career ideas will be most successful?
  • “Should I work for the law firm or for myself?”
  • “How does real estate look for me?”
  • “I feel lost at work… what is my purpose in life?”
  • “What products will be the most lucrative for me?”


A proficient astrologer can acquire the skill to answer these questions and many more.

Recommended texts for further study:

  • Vocational Astrology: A Guide to Western Career Guidance Techniques by Judith Hill (includes 100 vocational horoscopes!)
  • Vocational Astrology by Charles E.Lutz


Recorded 03/14/2020

Runtime: 121 minutes