The Role of Light in Astrology (Recording)

The Role of Light in Astrology (Recording)

In this workshop, Michael Ofek explores The Role of Light in Astrology: A paradigm of light, vision and reflection. He answers the questions: What is astrological light? How is it embedded in astrological symbolism? How should it be interpreted in the many layers of chart delineation?

If you want to understand how light expresses in interpretation and creates distinctions between planets, signs, aspects, houses, sect, solar phases and more, you will want to a copy of this lecture.

Michael Ofek
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Michael Ofek

What You’ll Learn

In our daily lives, as in astrology, we tend to look at different objects, taking for granted the medium by which we are
able to perceive them – Light. It is the most essential element of our reality, expressive of the sentient life energy animating the cosmos, our souls and our bodies. It is also that which illuminates all other objects in space, thereby making them discernible to our eyes and minds.

Deciphering the secret of light, has challenged the greatest minds in history, from the most ancient of philosophers
to the most modern of scientists. The ancient Platonists called Light the first ‘form’ or ‘Idea’ by which all subsequent forms are derived. Similarly in astrology, the concept of light is the fabric weaving all other concepts together. This luminous medium, with its many levels is the unifying factor and the most fundamental principal of our art.

Using the principles of light, we can reverse engineer most of the astrological concepts back to their deepest metaphysical roots, and their corresponding astronomical/phenomenological rational.

Ancient astrology has a rich tapestry of concepts revolving around light, characterizing astrological dynamics in terms
of relationships of light and dark, vision and reflection, with many elements defined and measured by their differing quality and magnitude of light.

The light dynamics of the sky is ever changing, relative to the sun, moon and the rotation of the earth, every chart
carries its own unique light signature, with its differing levels of planetary visibility. Light reveals and conceals and becomes a medium of interaction within the chart. Understanding the underlying principles of light integrates
the multitude of concepts into one cohesive whole, and literally illuminates the chart back to life.

“Light is that which is evident in its own
reality, and by essence makes another evident”
– Suhrawardi


Recorded 12/30/2017

Runtime: 194 minutes