Workshop Series: Astrological Indicators for Financial Dynamics (Recording)

Workshop Series: Astrological Indicators for Financial Dynamics (Recording)

Three amazing workshops on using the astrological chart to understand our own (or our clients’) financial dynamics. 

Nāthan Theo Naicker
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Nāthan Theo Naicker

What You’ll Learn

Profession and Its Changes:  Career and Finance topics naturally go together. Career success is about finding the sweet spot between what a person wants to do and what they can accomplish. Learn to handle professions driven by the self versus professions driven by others: in which direction lies the career path? Study how to properly use both the luminaries in delineating professional focus, as well as how to delineate career changes.

Financial Cash Flow:  In this session, we learn to delineate various income and expense indicators in a birth chart, the factors that increase and decrease each, with the aim of personal financial flow optimization. These considerations will help enhance or improve upon existing financial dynamics that can make the difference between simply earning money and building personal wealth.

Financial Growth and Sustainability:  Once we have figured out what to do for money—the base line as well as maximum income possible—and once we understand our personal financial dynamics, the next natural question concerns the growth and security of income. The dynamics and indicators for this are different from those of just making money. Learn to see how our overall involvement with people in our life affects our growth dynamics with money. The workshop concludes with the factors for income security that can help us avoid pitfalls and blind spots.


Recorded over three sessions, 04/25, 05/23, and 06/27/2021

Runtime: 409 minutes