Astrological Indicators: Profession and Its Changes (Recording)

Astrological Indicators: Profession and Its Changes (Recording)

Learn an innovative new astrological technique to delineate the ultimate career possibilities with an expert astrologer.

Nāthan Theo Naicker
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Nāthan Theo Naicker

What You’ll Learn

Investigate the career with astrological insights and an engagement with an immersive technique for delineation!

Career and Finance topics naturally go together. Career success is about finding the sweet spot between what a person wants to do, and what they can accomplish. We will also learn to handle professions driven by the self versus professions driven by others: in which direction lies the career path? We will learn how to properly use both the luminaries in delineating professional focus, as well as learn how to delineate career changes.


Recorded 04/25/2021

Runtime: 147 minutes