Ancient Horary Secrets for the 21st Century (Recording)

Ancient Horary Secrets for the 21st Century (Recording)

This workshop is for those new to horary, as well as experienced horary practitioners who wish to add new skills to their repertoire. Take this unique opportunity to learn from the horary masters of the past; this special seminar is unlike any horary teaching available today.

Nina Gryphon
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Nina Gryphon

What You’ll Learn

Take your horary astrology to the next level.

Nina Gryphon’s ongoing research into medieval astrological texts has uncovered many powerful and practical techniques to deepen and make your predictions more accurate. You will study planetary dignity, reception, retrograde planets, transfer of power, and numerous other methods that will increase your insight into the horary chart.

Learn from practical, real-world examples and apply these techniques to make them your own.


Recorded 04/28/2018

Runtime: 221 minutes