The Venus Cycle and Phases (Recording)

The Venus Cycle and Phases (Recording)

Knowing Venus by her phase relationship to the Sun and Earth gives us a greater understanding of the way Venus operates in our astrology.

Julija Simas
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Julija Simas

What You’ll Learn

Most of us know Venus by sign house and aspect, but we can also gain significant interpretative information through her astronomical cycles. Venus, in her 584-day cycle is either fast or slow, visible or invisible, bright or dim, ascending or descending. All these combinations signify a particular type of Venus. This workshop will provide students with information on how one synodic cycle of Venus works. Students will learn how to apply that information to the Venus phase in their own chart. Once you understand the principles involved, you can adapt your interpretation of the Venus phase and Venus star cycle to all your astrological delineations.


Recorded 04/25/2020

Runtime: 116 minutes