Making the Most of a Stellium (Recording)

Making the Most of a Stellium (Recording)

Do you have a stellium in your chart? Have you ever wondered how you can access its full energetic capacity? In this workshop recording, we explore the importance of stelliums and how they can be ushered for great change, energy, and value.

Donna Cunningham
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Donna Cunningham

What You’ll Learn

There are possibly more people alive today with stelliums than ever before.

Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are conjunct in the sky infrequently, but for the past 50 years, there has been an unusual series of them. When the inner planets reach these conjunctions, they form stelliums. Managing a stellium is a lifelong learning curve. We’ll explore the special challenges of the 20-Somethings with three to seven planets in Capricorn.


Downloads include a video recording of 2-hour workshop (edited to remove extraneous material) in MP4 format; booklet excerpt of Donna’s book on Stelliums; and handouts with information on interpreting the stellium.

All proceeds go to the Kepler College Scholarship Fund.

Recorded 02/15/2014

Runtime: 114 minutes