An Uncommon Saturn Return (Recording)

An Uncommon Saturn Return (Recording)

The Capricorn stellium generation 1988 – 1991

Based on the results of a 2017 Saturn return survey of those born with Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Capricorn, we examine the unique experiences, challenges, and maturation process of this generation.

Erica Jones
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Erica Jones

What You’ll Learn

We discuss the individual experience and then reflect on collective trends. Individuals with this stellium often feel profound alienation from society, and indeed seem tasked with bringing very unusual perspectives and novel solutions to the crisis of modern civilization such that advice to find “appropriate social roles” at the Saturn return could be very misplaced. We consider the differences between the archetypes of Rebel, Outsider or Orphan, and Pioneer in the context of the Capricorn stellium, and explore means of skillful engagement with those potentials, whether as a native, a counseling astrologer, or a member of the native’s community.

We consider how the Saturn return of the last Uranus-Neptune world alignment represents a maturation point for the new spiritual impulses, democratic ideals, and imaginative breakthroughs which were seeded in the collective consciousness at that time. Perhaps this generation is called to help us redefine the archetypes of Capricorn and Saturn, in terms of social belonging, status, community membership, and the definition of boundaries. What clues might this generation provide towards a generative response to evolutionary pressures faced by the wider population?


Recorded 10/27/2018

Runtime: 120 minutes