Who’s in Charge: Predicting by Planetary Strength (Recording)

Who’s in Charge: Predicting by Planetary Strength (Recording)

Discover a medieval technique that will increase your predictive accuracy.

Arabic-era astrologers took ancient understandings of planetary dignity and debility full throttle and devised countless ways to determine which planet has the most say over things like profession, family, and even pregnancy. The resulting “winner” of their calculations became known as the almuten, or “governor,” of various chart topics. In this workshop, learn how to integrate almutens into your practice.

Jennifer Zahrt, PhD.
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Instructor: Jennifer Zahrt, PhD.

What You’ll Learn

First, we review essential dignity. Even if you are in full command of essential dignity, it is important to bear it fresh in mind for what follows. We explore how to calculate a simple almuten. Once we have that under our belt, we can start to really play with the technique and create compound almutens. Our source for these will be the Arabic-era astrologer Omar of Tiberias. As a final step, we learn how to work with almutens in our astrological practice. By integrating almutens with various timing techniques you will be able to achieve surprisingly accurate results for you and your clients.


Recorded 07/21/2018

Runtime: 158 minutes