Solar System Individuation: Internalization of the Gods (Recording)

Solar System Individuation: Internalization of the Gods (Recording)

How can we become personally responsible for ourselves? Learn how to engage with astrology as a meaningful and self-aware process, so that you can integrate your personal archetypal energies through the natal chart.

Erin Sullivan
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Erin Sullivan

What You’ll Learn

Work with your chart; don’t let it work you! The Development of the Ego/Self is explained and illustrated as a birthing process. This talk will enable you to understand the psychological concept and content of the deep Self and its “seed” of our ongoing becoming. Taking our psychological planetary tasks (Fate) and shaping them (Self-awareness) is what the gift of consciousness brings. The focus is on the Sun and Saturn as “Self and Containment,” and the Outer Planets: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as “options in consciousness.” We examine the archetypal character of the gods of the ancient western world in their relationship as active participants in our own psyche. “Internalization of the Gods” simply means becoming more conscious—and thusly, empowered—through our own horoscopes and the transits of the times.


Each student will receive a copy of the Lecture of PowerPoint video so reviewing it will be a way to embed the information and images into your work and study.

Recorded 07/07/2018

Runtime: 134 minutes