Soul-Centered Aspiration (Recording)

Soul-Centered Aspiration (Recording)

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?” Have you always felt/thought there was a deeper meaning to the astrological chart? There is! Esoteric astrology offers new insights on the soul’s challenges.

Michael Bartlett
Recorded Workshop


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Presenter: Michael Bartlett

What You’ll Learn

While a traditional astrological reading identifies the personality issues an individual will likely encounter in life, an esoteric reading analyzes the deeper motives at work in the birth chart and the goal of Consciousness for this lifetime.

A clear formula for identifying and explaining the chart’s soul-centered objective is provided. Astrologers seeking to deepen their understanding of the natal chart from a more holistic perspective will gain much from this class. Those who seek to integrate their understanding of esoteric astrology will also benefit from the information provided. This workshop is also accessible to those who simply want to identify their soul’s purpose and have no prior understanding of esoteric astrology. Students of Consciousness are all welcome. Participants of the live session provided their charts as illustrations for the material presented, inspiring robust class discussion of the outlined principles.


Recorded 03/27/2021

Runtime: 119 minutes