The Hellenistic Doctrine Of The Moon (Recording)

The Hellenistic Doctrine Of The Moon (Recording)

The Hellenistic culture serves as a foundational understanding of astrological insights. Comprehension of the history of how these ancients worked with the moon will help astrologers at any level develop a more holistic practice. Join expert Michael Ofek to dive deep into this exciting and artful past!

Michael Ofek
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Instructor: Michael Ofek

What You’ll Learn

The ancient astrologers considered the Moon to be the mediator of heaven and earth, the ״key to the whole sky,” and the “nurse of generations.” The importance of the Lunar doctrine to any field of astrology cannot be disregarded.  Furthermore, the Hellenistic astrological texts reveal a very elaborate and intricate system of definitions and considerations concerning the Moon, combining its phases, applications and separations, its pre-natal lunation, and much more.

In this four-hour workshop, you will learn the ancient multi-level system of considerations in analyzing the Moon’s placement in a chart. We look at ancient models of lunar phases and modes of rulership, building our way to the intricate doctrine of application and separation, with all its different categories and nuances. We will also deepen our understanding of the Moon’s cosmological and philosophical role and its traditional significations.


Recorded 11/10/2018

Runtime: 345 minutes