Exploring the Chart from a Sufi Perspective (Recording)

Exploring the Chart from a Sufi Perspective (Recording)

“All motion in the Universe is due to the desire to actualize what is potential, to bring to perfection what is imperfect.“ Learn just how the Universe conspires for your benefit by engaging with chart interpretation from a Sufi perspective with renowned international astrologer Baris Ilhan.

Baris Ilhan
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Baris Ilhan
What You’ll Learn

The goal of a Sufi is ‘to know himself, then God.” In other words, to actualize who she/he is meant to be, and return to the origin. This is done by correct activity, correct understanding, and transformation of the soul. On the Way to himself, the wayfarer is supposed to remember the divine traits by divine names that are inherent in her/his spirit. Each divine name is a kind of archetype. The remembrance will lead the wayfarer to perfection, that is to remember that we are perfect as we are!

During the workshop, we apply these basic principles to our chart delineation. This course is not religious or spiritual, it is more practical and transformational. It is based on an understanding of Sufi philosophers, writers, and poets like Rumi, Ibn Arabi, etc. This 5-part series includes:

1 – Introducing the theory and considerations that will guide us while looking at the chart
2 – The meanings and virtues of planets
3 – More about the planets
4 – The houses; especially 6, 8, and 12 houses
5 – Chart interpretation


Recorded: 2021