Super Advanced Profections Made Ridiculously Easy (Recording)

Super Advanced Profections Made Ridiculously Easy (Recording)

How can you take your profections practice to the next level? Join Kenneth Miller in this hands-on practical workshop with loads of examples!

Kenneth Miller
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Kenneth Miller

What You’ll Learn

Learn how easy advanced profections in astrology truly are!

How would you like to learn a prediction technique that is reliable, and so easy you can do it in your head on ANY chart? This method will help you refine all other prediction techniques you already know. Even if you only practice psychological astrology, this technique will help to enrich your understanding of natal chart unfoldment and pinpoint transit activity.

Learn the prediction technique that goes back to the dawn of western astrology; a procedure so important that Vettius Valens (150CE), a father of western astrology, spent more than two out of his nine books talking about it!


Recorded 09/02/2019

Runtime: 212 minutes