Chiron: Key to the Doors of Perception (Recording)

Chiron: Key to the Doors of Perception (Recording)

A multi-faceted and practical perspective on the importance of working with Chiron in our astrological charts.

Dale O’Brien
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Dale O’Brien

What You’ll Learn

The diverse mythology of Chiron is much more than “wounded healer.” Chiron shows us openings; not just open wounds, but open doors, windows of opportunity, shamanic portals to dimensions above and below. A person’s consciousness is the key to being with, getting into, or getting out of “the hole” and experiencing “holistically” “the whole.” If one is lacking Chiron’s wisdom, Chiron’s astrological placement seems simply hopelessly problematic. For instance, Chiron in Aries is a time of issues involving bullies and the bullied, “wounded” perpetrators of violence and victims of violence, “Chicken hawk” war hawks and peaceful warriors (“doves”).

Decades ago, your presenter, Dale O’Brien, was one of the initial explorers of astrological Chiron. His applied mythology approach to astrology is grounded in years of research, as well as validation from colleagues, clients, students and friends. He has revived and enhanced his seven-week in person Chiron classes from the mid-90s for this workshop.

This series of presentations includes:

  • Chiron, Myth of Our Times
  • Chiron Soul Journey Truth  – Key to the Doors of Perception and the Windows of the Soul
  • Chiron in Time and Space
  • Chiron by Sign
  • Chiron by House
  • Chiron and the Gods and Goddesses
  • Chiron Crystal-clear: Multi-faceted Perspectives



Recorded as a weekly series in 2019

Runtime: 838 minutes