HerStory: The Greatest Story Never Told (Recording)

HerStory: The Greatest Story Never Told (Recording)

At a critical juncture in time, when writing in cuneiform appeared in ancient Sumeria, it is said that the cultures of the Great Goddess succumbed to the rise of Patriarchal society. Thus, written history barely records Herstory, but the traces can be found from Paleolithic to Shamanistic artifacts.

Patricia Walsh
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Patricia Walsh

What You’ll Learn

This workshop takes you on a whirlwind tour of 500,000 years of HerStory, through the lens of Venus (the planet and her archetypes). Tracing Herstory from artifacts and cave art, archeoastronomy, and mythology, Patricia demonstrates how Venus’s allure goes deeper than her Greco/Roman representations… and by following her light back, she beckons us to remember…  the dawn of consciousness itself.

Following the thread of the ancient Great Goddess cultures from Paleolithic/ Neolithic times, we explore the first written accounts of the Goddess in the ancient Sumerian myths of Inanna and Lilith.  We continue by exploring Venus in the ‘fertile crescent’ (Near/Middle East) as she evolved into Ishtar and Astarte.

We learn about this critical juncture in time where HERstory and HIStory clash and how the progressive eradication of the Great Goddess cultures came to be. With the rise of Abrahamic religions, Venus goes underground (except for Venus/Aphrodite), but shines brightly in western magical, esoteric and Masonic traditions… We follow her light there to understand some of her deeper meaning.

Patricia ties it all together by touching upon the psycho/spiritual meanings of the ‘inner and outer’ forms of Venus in astrology.


Recorded over two sessions, beginning 01/18/2017

Runtime: 261 minutes