Your Shamanic Direction (Recording)

Your Shamanic Direction (Recording)

Take a journey in the astro-boat with celestial navigator Gemini Brett, as he introduces and demonstrates a new astrolocality technique that has some serious teeth.

Gemini Brett
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Gemini Brett

What You’ll Learn

A new, powerful AstroLocality tool and how to use it! Did you know the ascendant of a chart is almost never due east? Just as Sun dances north and south on the eastern horizon between the solstices every year, Moon does so every month, and the Zodiac does so every day. The result is that the astrological horizon rudders back and forth across the cardinal directions, which is why one of the ancient names for the ascendant was Oiax (Greek for rudder) and why the ruler of the ascendant was known as the steersman of the chart. Which way are you being steered?

Learn about the houses of the heaven from a sacred astronomy perspective, and then see how to use free software to find your Shamanic Direction (Brett’s term for the ascendent direction), and map your astrological houses on Earth. Another new wave of astro amazement brought to you by Kepler College.


Recorded 11/23/2019

Runtime: 171 minutes