Tomorrow Was a Long Time Ago: Mastering the Art of Prediction (Recording)

Tomorrow Was a Long Time Ago: Mastering the Art of Prediction (Recording)

This workshop integrates an approach to early life experiences with astrological methods for effective prediction. Four questions astrological predictions should  answer: What’s going to happen? When does it happen? How long does it last? Is it good or bad?

See how crucial astrological events trigger memories and past experiences, and allow you to collaborate with the cosmos, bringing the light of consciousness forward into the future, while healing the past.

Presenter: Michael Lutin
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Presenter: Michael Lutin

What You’ll Learn

Michael explains how to excavate clues of old planetary aspects that once “hit a button,” and identify when they will be active again in your life; how to tell when these patterns were created, as well as how to work towards transforming them.

Learn how to recognize destructive things you may say and do—without realizing it. Astrology predictions will help to enhance your communication skills and free you from half-forgotten memories that pop up unexpectedly, holding you prisoner under their spell.

Michael teaches you how to use astrology to spot unconscious behavior before it happens, and a few “stellar” tricks to demonstrate how astrology from your past can actually alter your present—and future—by training you to listen with a “third ear,”” attuned to the correlating dynamics at play.

Analyze charts using progressions, directions, retrogrades, rulerships, dispositions, and stations, to discover “hotspots,” your astrological aspects from your recent past… or long ago.

These hotspots mark events that still dominate your life, and hold you captive in your unconscious mind. This workshop will help you find your hotspots so you can begin to change them yourself, with the help of your astrological chart.

Astrology allows us to look forward into the future when these hotspots are bound to heat up again. By applying Michael’s method of changing perception, awareness, and consciousness, you will be able to recognize and neutralize hotspots in order to recalibrate your future, and embody a more conscious response.

The goal of this workshop is to improve your relationships, free you from unconscious compulsions that lead you to repeat harmful behavior, and help you to amplify the positive actions and responses in your life.

Materials Needed for this Workshop:

Even if you think it is old fashioned, have an ephemeris on hand!


Recorded 05/20/2023

Runtime: 352 minutes



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