Astrology Forecast 2024 (Recording)

Astrology Forecast 2024 (Recording)

What’s in store for 2024? Hear from five esteemed astrologers on what you can expect in the upcoming year.

Alex Trenoweth, Bruce Scofield, Dorothy Oja, Adam Elenbaas, and Celeste Brooks. Hosted by Callum Wilkinson.
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Presenters: Alex Trenoweth, Bruce Scofield, Dorothy Oja, Adam Elenbaas, and Celeste Brooks

What You’ll Learn:

What’s in store for 2024? Check out this forecast to hear from five astrologers on what you can expect next year… and beyond.

  •   Alex Trenoweth – Zeus on the Loose

For the first half of 2024, transiting Jupiter in Taurus will be within orb of conjunction with Uranus and it will finish the year in the sign of Gemini. What could this mean for the economy and perhaps more importantly, as the educational field continues to recover from Lockdown, how can we support our children in times of instability?

  • Bruce Scofield – Astro-Climatology and the Climate Crisis

The global climate system is sensitive to weak forces at great distances—mostly those from the solar system. Today, the dominant animal species, H. sapiens, is amplifying and accelerating the normal fluctuations and cycles of our planet’s climate and this is reflected in extreme weather conditions that are becoming more frequent.  I will describe the known effects on climate of orbital cycles, solar cycles, and cosmic ray cycles—both long and short. The role that planets play in climate, and their past and future role in climate change, will be a focus of this presentation.

  • Dorothy Oja – Wild Wind: Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto is slow, systematic, and relentless. We are on the edge, pivoting as culture and society integrates Pluto’s entry into air-sign Aquarius. Pluto’s last sign change was 2008. We’ll look back first, to get our bearings and gather the tools that might help us thrive in the strange and uniquely creative realm of Aquarius. Fasten your seat belts, the winds of accelerated change are here. Pluto remains in Aquarius for the next 20 years.

  • Adam Elenbaas – The Journey of the Nodes of the Moon in 2024

In this talk, we will explore the annual eclipses and the meaning of the nodes of the Moon in Libra and Aries in the year ahead. Students of all schools of astrology will have something to take from this talk, as we consider both ancient Hellenistic and Indian points of view, as well as the modern, evolutionary perspective on the meaning of the nodes in 2024. We will explore the archetypal meaning of the south node in Libra and the north node in Aries, from several different perspectives, while also looking at the unique signatures surrounding the major eclipses of 2024.

  • Celeste Brooks – Eclipses and Retrogrades of 2024 

Eclipses are intensified new and full moons. These evolutionary cycles bring significant change on the personal and collective levels. In 2024, the work continues on the axis of relationships. Planetary retrogrades are an optical illusion where planets appear to reverse through the zodiac. These cycles are associated with delays, miscommunication, repetition of previous events, and the collapse of plans. Individually, they offer an opportunity to reflect, reassess, and reconsider the approach to the topics the planet rules. This talk will provide insights on the eclipses and retrogrades of 2024 so that participants can personally prepare for the upcoming energetic shifts and predictions on what may surface collectively.


Recorded 12/02/2023

Runtime: 304 minutes

All proceeds go towards funding Kepler College Scholarships


About Alex Trenoweth

Alex Trenoweth, DfAstrolS, ISAR CAP, MA (CAA) is a professional schoolteacher as well as an astrologer specialising in child development, particularly the important life stage of adolescence. She has spoken at astrology conferences around the world, contributed to important astrological publications and has won several major awards for her unique research based on her book “Growing Pains: The Astrology of Adolescence” by The Wessex Astrologer. Her new book “Mirror Mirror: Famous People and the Actors Who Portrayed Them” contains a foreword by the legendary Julia Parker. Alex is the Director of Education for Kepler College and is also the principal of her own school, Rohini Academy of Astrology. Her website is

About Bruce Scofield

Bruce Scofield began a lifelong study of astrology in 1967 and for over 45 years maintained a full-time consulting practice specializing in psychological analysis, relationships, and electional astrology. He is the author of, or contributor to, many books and a large number of articles on astrology and other topics, including What Astrology Is…and How to Use It and his latest, The Nature of Astrology. He has served on the education committee of NCGR since 1979, as both member and director, and is presently serving as president of PAA. He holds an M.A. in history, a Ph.D. in geoscience and has taught science at the University of Massachusetts and astrology-related courses for Kepler College. On the internet his work can be found at and

About Dorothy Oja

Dorothy Oja is a certified astrologer with an international clientele. She lectures, writes, and teaches, specializing in Elections for Surgery and Relationships (Davison Chart). Dorothy is a faculty member for the International Academy of Astrology and Kepler College, and founded The Relationship Club, hosting astrologers lecturing on relationships. Her published work includes the book Planetary Resonance, Everything Leaves a Trace, computer reports for Cosmic Patterns Software: “Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic Relationships” and “Friendship and Business.” Her newsmagazine, PlanetWeather (26 yrs.) hosted on includes social & political commentary.

Dorothy has served the astrological community as AFAN’s Chair of Legal Information, 16 years as an ISAR Board member, Chair of Ethics, and was a developer of the Ethics Awareness Training program. Dorothy’s book in progress is on the Davison Relationship Chart.

About Adam Elenbaas

Adam Elenbaas is a professional astrologer and author from the Twin Cities of Minnesota. Adam holds an M.A. and MFA in Creative Writing. His first book, a Publisher’s Weekly top book of the year, called Fishers of Men: The Gospel of an Ayahuasca Vision Quest was published by Tarcher/Penguin in 2010. Adam was one of the founding writers of, and when he isn’t writing, teaching, or seeing clients, Adam is usually spending time with his wife and two girls, or his astrology friends. You can find his work at

About Celeste Brooks

Celeste Brooks specializes in natal, mundane, and horary astrology. Her offerings include classes, workshops, coaching, chart rectification, and readings. Her podcast, Celestial Insights, offers weekly guidance. She discusses the astrology of current events on her popular Instagram lives. Celeste is the OPA Transit Talk host and an OPA Live Manager. She lectures for astrology organizations, schools, and conferences, including OPA, ISAR, Kepler College, Synchronicity University, AstroBash, and NORWAC2024.

Before transitioning into astrology full-time, she had a successful sales and marketing career at Fortune 500 companies spanning over 25 years. She has an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and an M.B.A. from St. Mary’s College. She holds the STA’s Practitioners Level Certification in Horary. Her website is

About your Host Callum Wilkinson

Callum Wilkinson is a professional astrologer, political organizer, and peer support specialist. He employs a hybrid blend of traditional & modern astrological techniques, combined with his experience as a professional counselor to support clients on their life’s journey. He is a Kepler College graduate and continues to be involved with the college as a TA in RN101 and Media Coordinator. Callum is the creator and host of Kepler College’s astrology talk show on YouTube, “Let’s Talk Astrology”, where he interviews leading astrologers around the world.

A British ex-pat, and ex-nomad, Callum now lives permanently in the United States with his wife and son in North Carolina.


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