Indian (Vedic) Astrology: What’s in it for Me? (Recording)

Indian (Vedic) Astrology: What’s in it for Me? (Recording)

Are you intrigued by the myriad of possibilities presented by the intrinsic connection between eastern and western astrology? Learn how to integrate them seamlessly with our expert translator, Kenneth Miller!

Kenneth Miller
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Instructor: Kenneth Miller

What You’ll Learn

Interested in integrating eastern and western approaches to astrology so you can engage with your practice from a holistic lens? Kenneth Miller has got you covered!

Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories about how complicated Indian astrology can be. Perhaps you’ve heard unbelievable stories of its predictive powers. In this introductory lecture, we will present a thorough foundation of the history, concepts, practices, and theory behind the astrological system used by 1.2 billion people. And you don’t have to be a Hindu! You will become “bi-lingual” in the astrology of East and West.


Kenneth has generously donated 100% of the funds raised from this lecture towards student scholarships.

Recorded 07/27/2019

Runtime: 105 minutes