Nova Chart Wheels

Nova Chart Wheels

This workshop explains how ChartWheels operates and shows the underlying methods that make this modern tool so powerful.  Designed by Gary Christen and programmed by Ray White, ChartWheels is a revolutionary professional astrology program that illustrates many of Symmetrical Astrology’s techniques.

Gary Christen
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Gary Christen

What You’ll Learn

This focused, rather than encyclopedic program, includes a range of tools; from an extremely competent dial implementation to a modern Armillary Sphere.  The techniques it offers are integrated in ways not duplicated by any other program on the market.  ChartWheels is the tool to have if you are studying Symmetrical Astrology!

Workshop topics include:

  • Use of extensive dial displays and tools
  • Creation of sensitive points
  • Labeling and saving work
  • Integrating Solar Arcs, progressions, and transits with planetary pictures
  • Integrating multiple coordinate systems with harmonics and returns in unique ways
  • Using live tables and lists to correlate openings, Solar Arcs, Midpoints, Differences, etc., with working dates in the lifetime
  • File integration with an extensive drag and drop file manager
  • Use of tabs and switches and secret speed techniques
  • Using ChartWheels in Symmetrical, Uranian and Cosmobiology
  • Working with the Polar Azimuthal Equidistant Projection – the visual horoscope of the future
  • Saving charts and tables to high definition files for use in quality publications and other visual media
  • Recording your sessions to compact MP3 files
  • Making movies of your screen in real time with voice using a single click of the mouse
  • Using the contact manager
  • Making appointment calendars integrated with your personal transits or designed for your clients


Obviously, you will not master all the material Gary demonstrates, but this workshop will give you a true sense of how to navigate the amazing ChartWheels program.


Recorded 09/05/2013

Runtime: 253 minutes