Astrology for Writers: The Science of Creativity (Recording)

Astrology for Writers: The Science of Creativity (Recording)

Robert Glasscock’s year-in-the-making workshop: the successful creative techniques that helped him achieve parallel careers (astrologer / TV writer) in Los Angeles for over 30 years: publishing 250,000 words a year for American Astrology’s monthly issues / Annual Digests – writing TV series and movies (“Death Dreams”) – in addition to consulting for a worldwide private clientele.

Robert Glasscock
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Robert Glasscock

What You’ll Learn

A completely new approach to horoscopes for writers:

  • A single horoscope unlocks a project’s creativity and guides you every step of the way – in detail.
  • Organically determined protagonists, antagonists, supporting characters, incidents, actions, twists – plus foolproof structure for fiction and non-fiction.


3-in-1! Writing seminar / Astrology seminar / Creativity workshop

  • Learn the techniques by constructing an original story from one horoscope!


Horoscopes are amazingly helpful for:

  • finding ideas; building characters and backstories; determining structure and plot
  • assessing the length of time likely needed to complete a piece for submission
  • finding flaws in structure, plot or characters
  • spotting personal writing weaknesses needing to be solved
  • maximizing positive reaction and receptivity to the project
  • determining when to submit


(Recommended: Jon Franklin’s “Writing for Story.” His outlining technique is the best in the business and is used throughout the workshop.)


Recorded 09/26/2020

Runtime: 189 minutes