Solar Fire Software: The Ins & Outs

Solar Fire Software: The Ins & Outs

Solar Fire is a Windows astrology software jam packed with features.

Learn some of the basic settings to help you turn your program into a useful tool to easily prepare what you want from this powerful software. Good set up means you have more time to work on your astrology.

Presenter: Rhonda Buttery
Workshop – 3 weeks
Day: Saturdays, beginning June 1, 2024
Time: 3:30 – 5:00 PM Pacific


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Presenter: Rhonda Buttery

What You’ll Learn

Explore setting options, creating display point sets, aspect sets, extra point sets, how to cast a chart and the myriad of options available; as well as how to use the dynamic and predictive features, reports and interpretations.

Workshop topics covered:

  • Screen navigation
  • Menus
  • Menu Toggles
  • Setting up Preferences
  • Creating display point sets
  • New, Open, create and save charts
  • Export/import events from the Chart events information
  • Good chart file management / Backup
  • Explore chart and display options
  • Dynamic charts
  • Explore the view chart window and its options
  • Creating dynamic reports
  • Chart and electional search functions
  • Graphic Ephemeris
  • Calendar
  • Wheel Editing
  • Page Editing



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Registration closes at 3:00pm on Saturday June 15th, 2024


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