Moon Phases and Planets: An Illuminating Relationship (Recording)

Moon Phases and Planets: An Illuminating Relationship (Recording)

Learn how the relationship between the moon phases and planets can illuminate and improve your life with this engaging lecture presented by evolutionary astrologer Tara Aal!

Tara Aal
Recorded workshop


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Instructor: Tara Aal

What You’ll Learn

The Moon is a doorway for self-discovery. As the book Astrology by Moonlight says, “if you want more you, go to the Moon!” We work with the Moon as the symbol of the most inner, personal self in relationship to each of the other parts of us (planets). For example, the Moon-Mercury phase illuminates the personal process of integrating heart and mind.  Moon-Mars represents the integration of reaction and action. Join Tara in this talk to learn more and explore these ideas.


Recorded 08/14/2021

Runtime: 89 minutes