Lunar Nodes: Karma, Destiny and the Journey of the Soul (Recording)

Lunar Nodes: Karma, Destiny and the Journey of the Soul (Recording)

The most significant road map you have for this incarnation is revealed in the astrological architecture of your natal chart—its angles, houses, signs, planetary placements, and Lunar Nodes.

Diane Ronngren
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Diane Ronngren

What You’ll Learn

Your chart represents the ticket you selected for the journey of your soul in this lifetime.  The “How? When? Where? Why? and Who?” that make up your continuing karma indicate choices you have made in order to achieve your purpose in the here and now, and offer options for your spiritual journey.

Sometimes we are part of the greater ebb and flow of our generation; sometimes we are part of a society, culture, and family.  But our personal map is always illuminated by the energy of the celestial bodies and the Akashic freeway.  From this talk you will gain insight into the significance of your personal journey and guidelines for examining your own life experience in greater depth.


Recorded 09/21/2019

Runtime: 176 minutes