Esoteric Astrology: A Soul-Centered Series (Recording)

Esoteric Astrology: A Soul-Centered Series (Recording)

Using visual imagery, and intellectual and energetic understandings, Michael presents the Alice Bailey and Djwal Khul material in a way that is more easily accessible and digestible for esoteric students of any level.

Presenter: Michael Bartlett
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Presenter: Michael Bartlett

What You’ll Learn

Have you learned enough traditional astrology to figure out there must be something more? Have you ever wanted to learn esoteric astrology, but were overwhelmed by the complicated language and ideas?

In this workshop series, you will understand:

  • The Seven Rays
  • The Soul-Centered Planets
  • The Soul-Centered Signs
  • The Soul-Centered Aspects


Participants were encouraged to offer their personal charts as illustrative examples, as well as ask questions, interact, and explore the deep waters of this oft misunderstood, vast body of wisdom. Each of the workshops in this four part series is a building block for gaining synthesized comprehension of soul centered astrology.


Recorded over four monthly sessions, beginning 11/13/2021 – 2/12/2022

Runtime: 436 minutes


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