Firdaria Workshop: Planning Life’s Chapters (Recording)

Firdaria Workshop: Planning Life’s Chapters (Recording)

See how your foundational astrological skills can come alive with this ancient Persian timing technique. Broaden the lens on your predictive game.

Presenter: Shu Yap
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Presenter: Shu Yap

What You’ll Learn

Firdaria is an ancient Persian technique that divides life into small chapters, each ruled by one or two planets, allowing a plan for the first 75 years of life to be mapped out, worked with, then repeated. Firdaria is an elegant, profound and reliable technique that can be creatively applied to analyse lifetime trajectories as well as yearly predictions. Like other timelord systems, Firdaria is a helpful tool for honing in on aspects in the birth chart or transits that really matter at any one point in time. It provides a big picture view on your life’s chapters which offers important contextual information for powerful predictive work to occur.

Applying the theory of Firdaria to predictive work requires a robust analysis of the natal chart, especially through essential and accidental dignity, house rulerships, aspects and sect. By undertaking this workshop, you’ll get to see how your foundational astrological skills can come alive in this predictive application. In the first session, learn how to create a big picture map of your life, understanding the core nature that each decade could present to you. In the second week, hone into the specific stories that are likely to feature during these years and discuss various strategies or remediations that could be beneficial to your personal growth. This workshop is for you if you would like to:

  • Extend your foundational interpretive skills towards a predictive application
  • Build on your predictive techniques to analyse more than a one-year period
  • Learn about how Firdaria can offer practical guidance and strategies for personal development for you or your clients



Recorded: June 10 & 17, 2023

Runtime: 210 minutes



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