Face Your Fear of Forecasting (Recording)

Face Your Fear of Forecasting (Recording)

Both novice and expert astrologers can find forecasting intimidating, but we’ve got you covered! Join Penny Thornton to confront, understand, and work through your fear of forecasting by fine-tuning your skills!

Penny Thornton
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Penny Thornton

What You’ll Learn

Drop the fear.  There’s nothing mysterious about prediction.

This workshop will help you overcome your fears of forecasting!  Once you have the basics firmly in place you can forecast, because you have the tools and the confidence to go boldly forward into the unknown.  Employing the elementary techniques of transits, progressions, and solar returns, Penny Thornton shows you how to interpret their meaning in individual natal charts and those of nations.  Penny explains how to make forecasts for a general readership in the way of sun-sign forecasts and global trends.


Recorded 03/28/2020

Runtime: 224 minutes