The Consultation Chart (Recording)

The Consultation Chart (Recording)

The consultation chart is a cousin to a horary chart, but it is used to help the astrologer understand why a client has asked for a reading.

Robert Glasscock
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Robert Glasscock

What You’ll Learn

The “Consultation Chart,” popularized by Evangeline Adams in the 1930’s, was used at least as early as the 12th century. It’s a remarkably effective bridge between natal and horary for clients. Robert Glasscock’s special 2-hour workshop illustrates why and how he uses it in virtually every reading; to supplement natal sessions or when horary’s “Considerations Before Judgment” preclude answering urgent questions. Learn the specifics of Consultation Charts and how they uncannily focus the client’s life in the moment of consultation and going forward into the future.

Topics include:

  • Differences between Horary and Consultation Charts
  • When not to use a Consultation Chart
  • Meanings and significance of planets’ natal positions in the Consultation Chart
  • Use of horary techniques with Consultation Charts
  • Examples (including immediate use of your own consultation chart!)
  • and more!


Recorded 08/12/2018

Runtime: 158 minutes