Advanced Progressions: Converse, Tertiary, & Minor

Advanced Progressions: Converse, Tertiary, & Minor

Take progressions to whole new levels in this new elective at Kepler College!

Advanced Progressions introduces you to tertiary, minor, and converse progressions, looking at how their cycles interact and layer in timing synthesis. We will then dive into how you incorporate fixed stars and lunar mansions with progressions for stellar accuracy.

Instructors: Dr. Jenn Zahrt, Ph.D. & Cameron Cassidy
E303 (5 weeks) – Summer 2023-24
Class begins July 7, 2024
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Instructors: Dr. Jenn Zahrt, Ph.D. & Cameron Cassidy 
Day: Saturday, beginning July 7, 2024
Time: 9:30 – 11:30 AM Pacific Time
Course Length: 5 weeks – all live classes are recorded



By the end of this course, you will be able to identify nesting levels of unfolding time. You will be able to successfully evaluate evidence to delineate charts through time (both forward and backwards) with increasing accuracy and sensitivity. In addition, you will be able to synthesize advanced forms of progression with the application of fixed stars and lunar mansions.

Weekly Topics:

  1. We begin with tertiary progressions, which equate a day of transits to a month of life. Identifying powerful configurations, you will learn how to identify and delineate active periods, and layer them with the secondary progressions.
  2. Covers the minor (or quaternary) progression, equating a month of transits to a year of life. You will learn and apply the metaphysical time ratios linking the three major levels of progression.
  3. Back to the future… with converse progressions! Calculate and interpret converse progressions on the secondary and tertiary levels. By this third week, you should be able to identify critical/sensitive times (related to these progressions) in your head without the aid of an ephemeris.
  4. Add the bright fixed stars and the 28 lunar mansions to your progression toolkit. Major events in progressed charts will become characterized with extreme precision through the fixed stars and the celestial images in which they occur.
  5. In our final week we will put it all together and learn how to prepare for a consultations and/or research purposes.


Required Reading:

Robert Blaschke, Progressions (2024 edition).


Advanced. Students should have fluency in calculating and interpreting secondary progressions.




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