Tebbs, Carol

Tebbs, Carol

Carol Tebbs, MA is a career teacher, 40 years in Advanced Placement Literature and a College Board Advanced Placement Reader, and another 20 years teaching astrology at Kepler College. She has served the astrology community since 1971 as UAC Co-Founder, Board Chair, Director, and UAC’ 95 Coordinator, 3 terms ISAR President, 10 terms ISAR Board member, and is an ISAR CAP certified astrologer. Her Kepler College years began in 2003-2006 as President and currently Vice-President and Instructor with courses in Fundamentals and Movement Certificates as well as Specialty Electives on Rectification and Astrology in Sacred Literature. Her books include: The Complete Book of Chart Rectification 2008-2022 available in digital format in the Kepler College Store, and E-books, Beyond Basics: Moving the Chart in Time, and Beyond Basics: Tools for the Consulting Astrologer.

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