Lumen, Elena

Lumen, Elena

Elena Lumen, PhD is a traditional astrologer, counselor, and astrology instructor. Elena is faculty at the International Academy of Astrology, and principal of Lumen School of Classical Astrology, where she teaches horary, predictive and electional astrology.

In addition, Dr Lumen hosts ongoing astrology practice groups and frequently lectures on the topics of classical astrology world wide. In 2011, she defended her dissertation on “The value and appeal of astrology as a system of meaning” at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in California. The results of her research were published in the NCGR and ISAR magazines, and are available on her website.

Currently, Dr. Lumen is working on combining astrological insights, counseling, and energy healing in her counseling work with clients. Her current research focuses on the works of Arabic and Persian astrologers, and their practical applications for consulting astrologers, and, mental health issues in nativities.

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