Integration: Planets/Signs, Houses and Elements (Recording)

Integration: Planets/Signs, Houses and Elements (Recording)

There are so many moving parts in astrology. How can we possibly integrate them in a seamless way? Typical associations of astrology wind up in many boxes, but what if it were more simple than we think? You’re about to get your mind blown because Erin delivers a dose of the non-dualistic nature of our practice. Are you ready?

Erin Sullivan
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Instructor: Erin Sullivan

What You’ll Learn

This class is an in-depth interpretation of the myriad—and often contrary—expressions of the astrological signs and their houses. We discuss the qualities of human experience within the framework of astrology; the signs as motivators of expression, their houses as domains of experience, and the elements and modes explained in flowing context with each other.

Motivational Forces & Integrated Experience

Each of the three expressions shows a unique cycle in our charts from our early (family) origins to our ongoing growth, self-awareness, and development. There are three “case” examples Erin will use at the end, that illustrate this symmetry brilliantly.

As circuits of development Erin illustrates and synthesizes:

  • Self Realization Circuit: Origins of Being… Cardinal/Angular Cross: Dynamics of Origins.
  • Self-Actualization Circuit: Individuation and Manifestation… The Fixed/Succedent Cross: Embodiment of Personal Values.
  • Self Expression Circuit: Perception/Information… Mutable/Cadent Cross: Mind, Body, World, Soul.


The PowerPoint imagery is evident and explanatory. Erin’s talk illustrates the synchrony between planets and houses and the foundational elements and modes –and how they play out in our lives. The archetypal agencies embedded in the characters in our horoscopes are individuated through our psyche into our conscious mind. This seminar brings visual coherence to the multi-leveled combination of planets, signs, modes elements, and houses and their rulers.

You will learn how integrated each of the Elements and Modes is in relation to your own chart balance, and how the Planets and Signs are actively participating in our own consciousness (and unconsciousness).


Recorded 06/16/2018

Runtime: 122 minutes