Generations: Pluto Through the Signs (Recording)

Generations: Pluto Through the Signs (Recording)

Pluto’s passage through the signs marks different generations, by the qualities of their consciousness—each with their own unique psychology. Learn about how Pluto moves generationally, so you can navigate the undercurrents of the collective unconscious with awareness!

Patricia Walsh
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Patricia Walsh

What You’ll Learn

An Era or a Generation is not marked so much by the passage of time, as it is by the experience of the people living during that time. In this lecture, Patricia Walsh explores the strengths and challenges for the natal Pluto in Cancer through Pluto in Capricorn generations, and gives tips for counseling each.

Examining historical events and pop culture describes what the ‘bottom-line’ is for each generation and what kind of mark they have left (or will leave) on history and society through the three stages of birth, coming of age, and coming into power. By looking at each generation sequentially you will start to see the ‘arc of evolution’ and how each picks up where the last left off.


Recorded 01/18/2014

Runtime: 122 minutes

All proceeds go to Kepler College scholarships.