Fixed Stars: Lights of Destiny (Recording)

Fixed Stars: Lights of Destiny (Recording)

Star deities, imagery, and art reveal the enduring relationship between the stars and humanity.

Elizabeth Hazel
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Elizabeth Hazel

What You’ll Learn

Since ancient times, the tapestry of constellations has provided a library of settings and stories that acts as a backdrop for the traveling planets. The jumbled origins of constellations and star names is the foundation of modern astronomical and astrological terminology. Accumulated multi-cultural myths, star lore and astrological lore are fused into star meanings. Discover how the planets absorb and convey unique facets of stellar influence through natal planetary placements. The four Royal Watcher Stars magnify traits and life-challenges; sample charts show the benefits and dangers of these. Learn how to utilize Ptolemaic star attributions as interpretative clues; these are rarely mentioned but they are invaluable interpretive tools. We will examine star pairs, star conjunctions, star oppositions and squares, including the Armada Square and the Wild Ride-Wild Child Square.

An exciting range of sample natal charts throughout the presentation demonstrate methods and concepts. Learn the three focal chart locations for beginning a birth chart star analysis. We’ll review less-familiar circumpolar and southern constellations, and discuss the slow movement of stars through precession. Learn about Star Birds, Danger Zones, and stellar Hearts and Eyes. The presentation concludes with a summary of relevant uses for fixed stars and fixed star resources for further study. The influence of fixed stars is truly fascinating! It’s an enormous, all-encompassing topic that is best served by a 2.5 hour workshop setting so participants have time to absorb enough to get them on the road to their own pursuit of the stars.


Recorded: 10/13/2018

Runtime: 159 minutes