Family Patterns and Chart Interpretation

Family Patterns and Chart Interpretation

Family relationships form much of the background complexity of a person’s life: they set patterns that manifest in relationships with bosses and subordinates, close friends and intimates, and in our career and life-style choices.

This course will go beyond the “nuclear family” to include a consideration of the broader contexts of family life. Students will explore the astrological indications of the interlocking patterns of our birth and family connections.

Receive practical guidance for astrologers working with their own and clients’ family issues: parents, children, siblings, or extended relationships.

Instructors: Enid Newberg & Joseph Crane
C203  (5 weeks) – Summer 2023-24
Class begins July 8, 2024
Advance pricing ends June 24, 2024

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Instructors: Enid Newberg & Joseph Crane
Day: Monday, beginning July 8, 2024
Time: 5:00 – 7:00 PM Pacific Time
Course Length: 5 weeks – all live sessions are recorded



Clients usually come to astrologers because of life situations that perplex them; often these situations are concerning parents, children, siblings, and extended relations.  Because we all “inherit a particular space within an interlocking set of social relationships”, it is imperative that all consulting astrologers learn more about family dynamics, for they provide us with our earliest and more enduring set of social relationships.

This course begins with a look at the modern family—nuclear and extended—including patterns of generational transmission, ethnicity and culture.  We’ll look at psychodynamic and systems-theory approaches to family. Here we’ll discuss astrology’s Fourth House/Tenth House conundrum.

Acquire better understanding, application and usage of basic consultation and communication skills with regard to common client questions about family relationships.

By the end of this course, the students will be better able to:

  1. Understand psychodynamics and family-systems perspectives and their strengths and weaknesses for the counseling astrologers.
  2. Work with chart-comparison synastry between a client and an important family members within the context of family structure and personal dynamics.
  3. Have a understanding of the influence of birth order for children and sibling relationships throughout the lifespan
  4. Utilize information about the “family life cycle” to pinpoint important family transitions that may reflect in a client’s astrological forecasting.
  5. Recognize and apply astrology’s basic methods for casting light on parent-child, sibling, and extended family relationships from the natal chart
  6. Recognize and identify basic psychological issues likely among family members


Topics include:

  • Generational transmission
  • Sibling position
  • Changes within the family
  • Addiction and trauma recovery
  • Practical astrological techniques and approaches


Participants are invited to share cases they have encountered in their work and to share insights from their own family experiences and their own lives.

Required Reading:

To be provided by instructors.


Fundamental knowledge of astrological principles—planets, signs, houses, and aspects.




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