YouTube for Astrologers – Audit Course

YouTube for Astrologers – Audit Course

Video astrology is a skill of its own. This class is ideal if you are considering offering videos as part of your astrological practice, if you are new to YouTube, or you want the support, ideas, and inspiration to reignite your established channel.

Instructor: Nadiya Shah
Recorded: Summer Term 2022-23


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Instructor: Nadiya Shah
Recorded: Summer 2023
Course Length: 5 segments



This course is an AUDIT Course. No academic credit will be awarded.

YouTube has been a revolutionary force for astrologers today. It provides a platform to reach others with your unique astrological voice, demonstrate your expertise, attract clients from around the world, and serves as a tool for many astrologers to be financially independent and self-supporting.

It is only the last half of the first class which specifically discusses astrological aspects of your own natal chart, as part of understanding the best strategies for you. Most of this course is practical, supportive, and a wonderful way to take your business to the next, most rewarding level for you.


This class does assume you have some basic astrological knowledge, but registration is not limited only to astrologers. Anyone who is open to astrological insights and wants to bring a more conscious approach to developing a YouTube channel and creating a wholistic, spiritually integrated business, within a supportive environment, is welcome.

Topics reviewed:

  1. Introduction  – Setting Intentions & Defining Your Brand
  2. Practical Tools
  3. Video Review & Feedback
  4. Understanding the YouTube Algorithm & Growing your Channel
  5. Monetization and Leveraging Next Steps


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