The Big Picture: The Great Family of Planets (Recording)

The Big Picture: The Great Family of Planets (Recording)

An introduction to the foundations of C.J. Jung’s archetypes and their astrological expression.

Erin Sullivan
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Erin Sullivan

What You’ll Learn

In this workshop you will explore the possibility that the symbols in the horoscope are ambassadors from our deep core-Self to the world of reality. Erin shows how you can move from the archaic archetypes to their most personal expressions and how the Global ethos can reflect in our Society and Culture, our Family and ultimately, to YOU. Erin describes how this relates to the Jungian perspective on the Shadow, Anima/Animus, Parental archetypes, Authority conflict, Siblings, Group/Tribal affinities and more.

The archaic vestiges of psyche from earliest humanity continue to sleep in our deep Self/psyche. They ‘modernize,’ or awaken, in our numinous (unusually affective) feelings, dreams, and clinging sensations. We may say they are messages from the celestial gods, ambassadors from our family of planets.


Recorded 04/21/2018

Runtime: 164 minutes