The Aries Vortex: Timing Financial Markets via Planetary Cycles

The Aries Vortex: Timing Financial Markets via Planetary Cycles

This is a 2-part workshop.

The first part covers the “Aries Vortex,” a one-time only cosmic configuration that highlights 0° Aries, the “world degree.” Not only does the 36-year Saturn/Neptune synodic cycle occur there, but it is also the midpoint of the Uranus/Pluto trine (2025-2027). This unusual pattern holds the potential for important global changes for humankind.

This second part will discuss planetary cycles and their correlation with financial market, with a focus on the U.S. stock market, Gold, and Bitcoin. Special Guest Wiebke Held of Bonn, Germany, will also share her research findings on geocosmic correlations to the NASDAQ and what it reveals about the future of this index and AI companies.

Presenter: Raymond Merriman with guest Wiebke Held
Day: Sunday, August 11, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Pacific


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Presenter: Raymond Merriman with guest Wiebke Held

What You’ll Learn

A “New Aira” technically began on December 20, 2020 when the Jupiter/Saturn synodic cycle begin its series of consecutive conjunctions in air signs at 0 degrees Aquarius. This becomes a “super-charged” degree of the signs, highlighted now by the five-passage ingress of Pluto over this degree in 2023-2024.

Additionally, The first phase of this “New Aira” will last 12 years, or a Jupiter return, 2020-2032. The midpoint of this period will contain the “Aries Vortex” of 2026 (+/-1 year), a critical turning point in the cycle of human activity, which has powerful social, cultural, political, economic, and financial implications.

Once the broader cycle is explained, we will then examine the correlation of certain long-term financial market cycles that overlap this period, and assess the possibility of a long-term opportunity to purchase certain assets.

We will also discuss the correlation of planetary cycles to cycles in the NASDAQ from booth an investment and trading point of view, per the impressive research studies of top MMTA student Wiebke Held using the methodology taught in The Merriman Market Timing Academy. This is an exciting presentation that you will not want to miss if you are student of Financial Markets and Astrology.



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