Temperaments and Tonics (Recording)

Temperaments and Tonics (Recording)

Study the astrological elements and planetary patterns as they relate to health and biological disposition.


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Instructor: Lee Lehman, Ph.D.

What You’ll Learn

Medical astrology isn’t just about disease. It is also a method to understand the way in which your body operates—it’s tendencies toward maintaining health, and how stress can impact the body, and allow disease to creep in.

The best offense is often a good defense, and this course speaks to how to create a nurturing environment for yourself that reduces the chance that you will need to focus on that next step: throwing off illness. Learn about the different pathways to health and wellness according to the elemental balance in your body, and how it changes over time and in response to the planetary patterns. Learn the keys to better living through astrology!

Topics include:

  • Week 1: Introduction the temperaments as an astro-medical concept
  • Week 2: Tonics for Sanguines
  • Week 3: Tonics for Cholerics
  • Week 4: Tonics for Melancholics
  • Week 5: Tonics for Phlegmatics


Required books:


Recorded over 5 sessions, beginning 07/07/2018

Runtime: 513 minutes