Psychological Astrology as Illuminated by the Tarot (Qabalah) (Recording)

Psychological Astrology as Illuminated by the Tarot (Qabalah) (Recording)

The Universe is consciousness. One might say that astrology is the primordial language of this consciousness.

Astrology tells the story of every human that lives, has ever lived, and will live. Psychology is the science of mind and behavior. Tarot encapsulates the science and mind of behavior as revealed by Qabalah. The pictures point to archetypal principles that give insight into the psychology of the signs and planets. Tarot is said to evoke thought. This is how the Tarot is “read.” A Tarot Key, or combination of keys, speaks to the observer and thereby is interpreted or expounded. Because the Tarot evokes thought, we are enabled to get to the root of astrological symbolism that may have been lost or obscured by the perpetuation of some of the errors that have slipped into popular astrology.

Inez Singletary
Recorded Workshop


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Instructor: Inez Singletary

What You’ll Learn

Each of the 22 Keys of the Major Arcana of the Builders of the Adytum deck is assigned to the 10 planets and the 12 signs. Therefore, each of the signs and planets has a picture that has a deep history. The roots of the Tarot are not fully known, but it said that a group of wise men from Africa and Arabia met at Fez in Morocco and devised these cards so that they could share their wisdom and science in a common language, though they were of different tongues. Their compendium was not only composed in the pictures of Tarot, but a sacred geometry that included diagrams, like the Tree of Life, and reference to a number, color, and astrology. They even had Tarot Keys for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, which were not yet discovered.

This course is comprised of 5 sessions which cover only the 6 Tarot Keys which represent the first 6 signs (and houses) of astrology, the lower hemisphere of the chart. This portion of the chart is the vessel that receives our experience, and turns us into instruments that further the cause of the cosmos.

These signs, and this portion of our chart, represents what we are receptacles for and how we are using our internal guidance system. The Tarot Keys help us to be in touch with our spiritual psychological senses, insight (Aries and Key 4, The Emperor), intuition (Taurus and Key 5, The Hierophant), inner dialog (Gemini and Key 6, The Lovers), inner feelings (Cancer and Key 7, The Chariot, heart, spine and will (Leo, Key 8, Strength), and healthy integration and instrumentation, work or service, Key 9, The Hermit.

The use of the Tarot Keys enhances intuition and receptivity.


Recorded over 5 weeks, 04/11 – 05/09/2021

Runtime: 595 minutes