Elements, Humors, Temperaments

Elements, Humors, Temperaments

The purpose of this course is to first, consider the extent to which temperaments were astrologically computed at all, and then to compare three systems of computing the temperament. Students will also examine how the determination of temperament can be used to assess both lifestyle considerations, and remedy suggestions.

Instructor: Lee Lehman
MPC306 (5 weeks) – Summer 2023-24
Class begins July 6, 2024
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Instructor: Lee Lehman
Day: Saturday, beginning July 6, 2024
Time:  8:00 – 10:00 AM Pacific Time
Course Length: 5 weeks – all live sessions are recorded



Weekly Topics:

  1. Temperaments and tonics
  2. Comparative calculational methods
  3. Humors applied
  4. Humoral pathology
  5. Student practice and presentations


Required reading:

To be provided by instructor


Basic astrological knowledge, as reflected in achievement of Kepler College Fundamentals Certificate or equivalent.



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