[Wkshp] Return to the Flesh: Reincarnation and Astrology [Recording]

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Course Overview

Students have made multiple requests through the years for Robert Glasscock to teach his past-life techniques. For the first time in his six-decade career consulting, speaking, teaching, and publishing, he shares methods learned from Linda Goodman in 1970 – plus a more ancient esoteric procedure involving the Triads. All using real-life examples of how and why it works, and the often amazing, even life-changing correlations between past lives and experiences in this life. Join us for what “could be one of the most powerful webinars I’ve ever given.”

·       Why study past lives?

·       How can horoscopes facilitate studying past lives?

·       How do you know it’s real and not just made-up?

·       Twin Souls vs. Soul Mates

·       The 2 Houses that rule Past Lives (and Why)

·       Bleedthroughs between lives


“You are as dead now as you will ever be.” – “Seth Speaks”

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