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W111H – Solar Returns – Audit

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Course Overview

This course was recorded in 2023.

Solar Returns or Revolutions is a forecasting technique that’s based on a chart cast at the moment where the Sun returns to its natal position at any year of inquiry. This predictive method has been used for centuries and over this time, many interpretive techniques have evolved out of this system. 

Solar Returns is appealing because it neatly encapsulates a 12-month perspective into one chart, in relation to a natal chart. As it also draws from the same fundamental principles of natal chart analysis, Solar Returns is great way to extend and build on your existing skills in natal astrology.

In this 5-segment short course, we will explore some fundamental principles behind Solar Return charts to help you build some skills to start working with them in your study and practice. Many of the core principles used in natal chart analysis are also used within the Solar Returns system, but some adjustments are required to reframe these principles within the context of a one-year time slice. Foundational skills in natal astrology are required.

Over the 5 segments,  we will cover topics such as:

The historical evolution of the Solar Returns technique

Basic Solar Return interpretive chart principles,

Comparing natal chart signatures to the Solar Returns chart

Combining Annual Profections 

Analysing Solar Return charts over multiple years

Tracking the Solar Return chart over the current year

Formulating a judgement about the Solar Returns chart

The outcome is that students will be able to look at any Solar Returns chart and draw out some significant themes for the year based on the techniques delivered during this course.

Chart examples, reading resources and quizzes will be provided, and students are encouraged to work on their own Solar Returns chart during the course.

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