CATEGORY: Spring 2023-2024

RP203 – Working with the Moon – Spring 2023-24

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Working with the Moon is a class that explores ways to work with the Moon in predictive astrology. The Moon is a key factor when it comes to timing because it represents our emotional and physical bodies and cycles of life.

Weekly Topics:

  1. Electional Rules for the Moon & Void of Course Moon: Learn the basic electional rules for working with the Moon and what to expect with the Void of Course Moon.

  2. Moon Phases & Progressed Moon Phases: Review the eight soli-lunar phases and how they show where one is at in a given cycle. Learn how the progressed Moon reveals the current phase in a 30-year cycle of living one’s purpose.

  3. Lunar Returns & Progressed Lunar Returns: Learn about lunar returns and progressed lunar returns. Be able to predict the types of things likely to happen at these times.

  4. Eclipses & Saros Cycles: Learn the foundations of eclipses and Saros cycles — what they signal, how they help us spotlight the past and future, and how the light of the Sun and Moon work together.

  5. Nakshatras: Learn the basics of Nakshatras and how to implement this in predictive work.

Required books:

Astrology By Moonlight: Exploring the Relationship Between Moon Phases & Planets to Improve & Illuminate Your Life by Tara Aal & Aswin Subramanyan

Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark by Bernadette Brady


Software: Planet Dance and Jagannath Hora (both are free programs) 

Dane Rudhyar’s Lunation Cycles


Basic understanding of planets, signs, houses and aspects

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