CATEGORY: Spring 2023-2024

RP202 – Progressions and Solar Arcs – Spring 2023-24

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Study symbolic timing techniques based on planetary motion in the days following the nativity, to gain a wide-angle view of a person’s life path. Use them with transits and solar returns to clarify a person’s circumstances and the decisions to be made.

Secondary Progressions is a predictive method which moves the entire natal chart forward a day for each year of life. Solar Arc Directions calculates a similar predictive chart based on the daily movement of the sun alone. Both can be used with transits and solar returns to clarify a person’s circumstances and the decisions to be made. What is the range of application, and what are the limitations of these methods? How do they work with transits and solar returns?

We first look at the nuts and bolts of calculating secondary progressions, especially the progressed Midheaven. Class participants are encouraged to work with progressions from their own charts and lives, those of family and close friends, or historical or contemporary people they know well.

Weekly topics:

  1. Background, historical review from the viewpoint of “progressing” the angles, place of secondaries within traditional predictive methods. Scope and limitations.
  2. Progressing Moon in context of natal placement, progressed lunation cycle.
  3. Applications – focus on interpreting changes of signs and direction.  Adjusted Calculating Date.
  4. Applications – perfecting natal aspects and including progressed aspect configurations.
  5. Progressions and solar arc directions in today’s astrology.

An alternative to Secondary Progressions is Solar Arc Directions, preferred by many contemporary astrologers. They are calculated and applied differently from Secondary Progressions, and deserve a closer look. At the end of the course, we’ll compare methods and outcomes.


Fundamentals Courses, or equivalent knowledge.

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