CATEGORY: Winter 2023-2024

PD106 – Writing for Publications – Winter 2023-24

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Course description: Astrologers
translate the symbolic language of astrology into plain English. This writing
course will focus on writing and editing. You will learn how to improve your
writing skills so that your communication is clear and precise.

Lesson 1. We discuss our goals for the
next five weeks. There are writing exercises that teach you to be original and
specific. Arlan and Alexandra share readings from some of the masters of the
craft. We then practice writing using these concepts. There will be homework
that needs to be ready before our next meeting.

Lesson 2. This week you deepen your
writing skills. We will discuss how to go from a first draft to a finished
product, how to prepare articles for publication in an astrological journal or
any other magazine. 

Lesson 3. Julian Wise will co-teach
this class. Julian is the style editor of OPA’s book The Professional
Astrologer and the owner of an independent publishing company. Julian will
speak about editing, writing, and how to prepare a manuscript for
publication. Julian will also talk about self-publishing – the pros and cons.
He will join Arlan and Alexandra to edit some of your written homework pieces.

Lesson 4. Today we look at charts of
some well-known writers. We will look at the charts of class
members with an eye on Mercury and the third house. We will review and edit
more articles of those who wish to share their work and offer constructive
insights and comments.

Lesson 5. In this final class, we
discuss your ideas for new writing endeavors, review earlier writing so you can
see your accomplishments over the last five weeks. You may read to the group
anything you have written over our time together. We will help you to set goals
and create a timeline for your writing projects..

 Weekly topics:

5-week goals

Deepen writing skills


Famous writes + Natal Astrology

Your future and projects

Required Books: No required texts

Prerequisite: No prerequisites

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