CATEGORY: Fall 2024-2025

PD101 – Marketing for Astrologers – Fall 2024-25

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Marketing for Astrologers is designed to help you create a marketing plan so that you can launch or grow your astrology practice. Your natal astrology chart will help you build an Astro Branding Profile and complete a personalized Marketing Plan for your business. You will walk away with an actionable marketing strategy you can execute right away.

Weekly Topics:

  1. Statistics, Business and Marketing Plan, Astro Branding Profile Outcome: Learn about the current trends and marketplace of astrology and become familiar with the Marketing Plan and Astro Branding Profile templates that will be completed during the course.
  2. Understanding how AI will impact your business, Your Marketing Mix, Niching, and Business Stage, Phase and Growth Outcome: Gain an awareness of the state of AI. Identify your marketing mix and niche. Identify the current status of your business and the appropriate starting point for your marketing plan.
  3. Your Ideal Client, Branding Persona, Astro Branding Profile, Website Outcome: Clarify who your ideal client is. Create your branding persona. Connect your astrology profile to your marketing plan. Understand the important components of a website.
  4. How to position your business in the marketplace, Creating content and sales strategy. Outcome: Using your Astrology Branding Profile, create your strategy for positioning your business in the marketplace.
  5. Messaging, Email Marketing, Timing and Mindset Outcome: Understanding the best messaging and email marketing practices. Planning ahead using astrological timing techniques. Improve your success by learning how to foster a growth oriented mindset. Complete your Marketing Plan and Astro Branding Profile.


In order to complete the Astro Branding Profile, you will need to have a foundational understanding of the planets, how they express through the signs and houses, and how aspects modify and clarify natal placements. No prior marketing knowledge is required.

Required reading:
All required material will be provided by the instructor. 

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