CATEGORY: Summer 2023-2024

MPC316 – Anatomy & Melothesia – Summer 2023-24

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This course will introduce each astrological sign and planet’s basic rulerships and body parts. We will begin with each sign and its corresponding body parts, organs and physiological rulership. The second part of the class focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the traditional planets.

Anatomy, Physiology and Melothesia:

  • 12 astrological signs and houses
  • body, anatomy, physiology and organ rulership

Planetary rulership in medical astrology:

  • governing actions and organs for each planet
  • energetics of the traditional planets
  • outer planet modern rulerships

Students will:

  1. Gain a deep understanding of the zodiac’s embodiment in human form. Explore the anatomy, physiology, and wellness connections of each astrological sign.
  2. Apply planetary rulership principles to the body effectively.
  3. Gain profound insight into how anatomy, physiology, and planetary forces intertwine within the human body.
  4. Understand the holistic relationship between signs, houses, planets, and human well-being

Required Texts:

Nothing is required but the recommended reading would be

Jane Ridder Patrick, Handbook of Medical Astrology

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