(Wkshp) Tomorrow Was a Long Time Ago: Mastering the Art of Prediction with Michael Lutin (Recording)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

This workshop integrates our early life experiences and how astrology reveals methods for targeting when, where, and how crucial astrological events trigger memories making them conscious points you’re more in control of so you can even heal the past.

In the workshop Michael will explain how to excavate clues of when an old planetary aspect that once “hit a button” is about to be active again in your life, how to tell when these patterns were laid down, as well as how to work towards transforming them.

You will learn about how to recognize destructive things you may say and do without realizing it. Astrology predictions will help to enhance your communication skills and free you from half-forgotten memories that pop up unexpectedly holding you prisoner under their spell.

Michael will teach you how to use astrology to spot unconscious behavior before it happens and a few “stellar” tricks to demonstrate how astrology from your past can actually alter your present and future by showing you how to listen with a “third ear” attuned to the correlating the dynamics at play.

You will learn by studying charts using progressions, directions, retrogrades, rulerships, dispositions, and stations to discover your hotspots, that is your astrological aspects from long ago or even your recent past.

These hotspots mark events that still dominate life in some manner and keep you captive in your unconscious mind. This workshop will help you find your hotspots so you can begin to change them yourself, with the help of your astrological chart.

You will also look forward into the future when these hotspots are bound to heat up again. By applying Michael’s method of changing your perception, awareness, and consciousness, you will be able to recognize and neutralize hotspots in order to help you recalibrate the future into a more conscious response.

You will walk away with instruction for how to watch and listen for key signals that a planetary aspect from your past is resurfacing, identify how and when it will act up again – even if it was a long time ago, and how to respond.

The goal of this workshop is to improve your relationships, free you from unconscious compulsions that lead you to repeat harmful behavior, and help you increase the positive actions and responses in your life.

Materials Needed for this Workshop: Even if you think it is old fashioned, bring an ephemeris!

Michael Lutin is an internationally known astrologer, author, and playwright. Michael has been practicing astrology since the 1960’s. He attended the School of Robert Langs, MD and the School of Communicative Psychiatric Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy. He has studied Buddhist text and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. He has lectured in the astrological community since 1968.

Author of ‘Saturn Signs: The Astrology of Stress, Fear and Anxiety,’ ‘Made in Heaven The Astrology of Why (7th House) the People You’re Attracted To Drive You Crazy,’ ‘Childhood Rising The Astrology of your Mother, Father and You,’ and ‘Sunshines The Astrology of Being Happy (Moon’s Nodes).

Playwright: ‘Pardon My Pluto,’ ‘I was Nostradamus’ Girlfriend,’ ”What God Says Goes,’ and ‘OMG: The Mayans Were Right!

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